1. Design
  2. DesignBJM's Engineering and Design Team is at the foundation of what BJM does best: finding innovative and creative solutions to help speed customer's injection molded products to market. For each project, The chief engineering manager lead the team creates tool design models that have complete associativity throughout all of the different components of an assembly. This means that both major and minor changes to a product can be made and reviewed with the customer through all stages of design and build of a precision injection mold. Design changes are communicated electronically in real time to the machine programmers who are shaping the steel and can be communicated to customers.
    BJM's Engineers routinely recommend solutions to customers that can increase product performance, product lifecycle, reliability, and profitability both for BJM and for the customer.

    1. BJM's design specialists use mold simulation software to optimize the product design and manufacturing process and perfect it, before the first piece of steel is cut. This process reduces the time needed to condition the mold and speeds the product to market.

  4. Engineering Experience Engineering Experience

  5. BJM's design goal is save customer money(short cycle time, never the repair cost) to must consider the reliable construction of action, good cooling system, good venting, good plastic flow for each mould so that we can provide the best quality moulds to our customer.
  6. Hot Runner System
Stripper and Floating Cavity Plate Molds
  1. Multiple Slide Action Molds  
  2. Unscrewing Molds
  3. Double molds
  4. Die casting molds
  5. Insert Molds
  6. Face Mounted quick Change Tooling Engineering Software
  7. Expandable and Interchangeable Tooling

Engineering Software

  • UniGraphics4.0
  • Primary CAM Software
  • Promill8.0 for high-speed precision machining of cores/cavities and electrodes
  • UG CAM for CNC milling centers.

    1. Sending Plastics Engineering Files to BJM
    2. BJM provides design assistance, engineering services and complete project management for precision injection molded plastics products through out the design, custom mold build, plastics production.


      Pro /Engineer (Wildfire 3 or earlier)
    • Unigraphics (NX4.0 or earlier)
    • Solidwork2009
    • STEP
    • IGES
    • DXF
    • AutoCAD (Rev.2008)
    • If available, please include: 3D engineering file and/ or 2D print Resin type and color Type of finish  Anticipated yearly part volume(s)
    • If you have any difficulties providing us with compatible file formats or if you have larger files, please contact us. We will be happy to provide ftp site instructions.


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