Production Parts

  • injection molding

injection moldingOur plastics manufacturing facility is injection molding industry by employing a local team of experienced and dedicated operators who run equipment ranging from 50 tons to 650 tons of clamping pressure, capable of injecting as much as from less than a gram, up to 3000 gram of material per cycle. Our machines are designed for repeatability to help secure reduced labor costs and lower reject rates, saving you money.

  • Plastic injection molding: 22 machines ranging from 50 to 650 ton clamping force.
  • Shot Capacity: from less than a gram, up to 3000 gram.
  • Custom Colors
  • Insert molding: which allows for other components (e.g. metal parts, molded cables and encapsulated circuit boards) to be completely integrated into the plastic molded part in cycle.
  • Over molding: which uses different component materials and integrates them into a single part, much like what you might see on a toothbrush, where a soft elastomer material is molded onto a rigid handle.
  • Vertical injection molding
    Vertical injection molding

Vertical injection molding is integration molding, high pressure small deformation, vertical compression clamping, double cylinder injection system, well precision, long life span, no column barrier, more convenient to insert and fetch to suitable the automatic operation.
The height of the injection base lifts and down at a horizontal level, using oil motor match with the screw lift adjustment, convenient to the correction of the central standards, and more convenient to install and adjust the mold, prevent from leaking material.
Diversity oil system design(semi-closed, closed, servo, or high speed injection ) to meet customers’ demands.

  • Double injection molding

Double injection molding BJ Mold will not only make the Two Color molds, but will also do two color double injection production.
The advantage:

  • Lower Cost: use two kind of material or color to mold. This can reduce secondary processing.
  • Reduce part count: Simplify part design by combining two kinds of material can reduce the assembly process.
  • Bette looking and better feeling parts.

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