Project Management

Production schedule
We will appoint project manager to follow our customer’s each individual project to control the manufacturing process and the quality. Our project manager will be there to update customer of the current status and pass on customer's comments and suggestions to corresponding department in Auto-mould. And, of course, whenever needed, conference call will be held to fix some urgent, tough problems. we established a smooth communication channel between us. In addition to daily E-mail communication, we also contact each other through phones call.

Listed below is what we will submit to customers for status update.

1:project plan.
2. Tooling schedule
Before cutting steel, we will submit a Tooling Schedule to our customers to inform you of the arrangement on the whole process.
3. Weekly update
Each week, we are supposed to submit a Weekly Report to keep customers updated of the status. And, the report will be submitted together with some pictures.



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