Tooling capability

OKUMA high-speed CNC workshop
OKUMA high-speed CNC workshop
  1. BJM's design and tooling specialists utilize mold simulation software to optimize the product design and manufacturing process and perfect it, before the first piece of steel is cut. This process reduces the time needed to condition the mold and speeds the product to market.

Our in-house tool room, we believe, is one of the most important factors that set us apart from many others. Having a tool room in the same facility has several advantages: Our mould workshop is equipped with advanced high speed CNC machines, high precision wire cutting machines, gun drilling machines, fitting machines and measurement machines. The tolerance to precise mold can reach +/- 0.002 mm.

In order to reduce the lead time, Our EDM workshop have runs efficiently system, Each electrode have a professional clamp to fitting the position. Like this, we can reduce the time of EDM and eliminating the mistake and improve precision.


SODICK Mirror EDM workshop SODICK Wirecut Workshop
SODICK Mirror EDM workshop SODICK Wirecut Workshop
Tooling capability Tooling capability
EDM Workshop Professional fixture for electrode


    Mold Guarantee

  • Every mold that we build and run includes lifetime preventive maintenance and comes with our guarantee* which includes cavity and core surfaces, as well as normal wear.
  • Our guarantee is based on universal injection mold build standards:
  • *Guarantees do not include moving components such as slides or core pulls.
  • Typically we use P20 or H13 hardened tool steel in the construction of our customer tooling. Occasionally, if a product has low anticipated quantities, or a customer requests it, we will use other materials.
  • Our injection mold quotes are very competitive, and our lead times are usually relatively short when compared to other toolmakers.
  • We know that you can only get superior parts from superior tooling. We pride ourselves in the art of creating tooling that will stand the test of time, and deliver consistent parts for many years. 
  • Rex Plastics is a fully capable molder who works closely with customers to transform their design into a finished product. We service the sports equipment, electronics, medical, communications, and consumer product industries, and pride ourselves on our precision, prompt products delivery, high quality, and competitive prices.

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